Recover Reality!

Finally! Recover From Recoveries!

The true cost of addiction is not decided in a district courtroom on a specific time and day. The true costs of addiction are continual.

Damages are determined in the “courts” of family opinion, by employment opportunities won or lost, of self-imposed mental, spiritual and physical diminishment.

The final cost of addiction is a legacy of sorrow and loss, of severed relationships and a negative, generational influence on your family.

It’s time to stop everyone’s pain.

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Together, we will recover your reality!

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Alcohol and drug use is the ultimate "Bait and Switch" scam!

Promising a life of "expansion", drug use results in a life of "contraction"!

Stop abusing yourself!

This is the time, your time, to recover your reality!

Reality rules!

                 "Through the "prism" of recovery are the colors of life."                                                                                                                                                    -Ed