Recover Reality!

Finally! Recover From Recoveries!

The true cost of addiction is not decided in a district courtroom on a specific time and day. The true costs of addiction are continual.

Damages are determined in the “courts” of family opinion, by employment opportunities won or lost, of self-imposed mental, spiritual and physical diminishment.

The final cost of addiction is a legacy of sorrow and loss, of severed relationships and a negative, generational influence on your family.

It’s time to stop everyone’s pain.

Contact me today.

Together, we will recover your reality!


Do you feel as if your trapped inside of a glass bottle, trying to read the label? Are you in pain, experiencing fear, internal conflict?

Do you want it to end? Do you want your life back?

If so, contact me today. Together, we will examine your unexamined past in order to understand what’s going on now.

We will build on your strengths which will enable you to imagine a previously unimagined future! Along the way, we will discard misinformation regarding addiction and recovery as well as disposing of your former identity as an “addict” or “alcoholic”.

We’ll dispassionately pursue the truth and passionately embrace it when we find it!

Together, we will recover your reality!

Ed Bleu


mobile: (781) 718-5258